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Laser pointers: they’re not just for taunting cats anymore. Marine researchers claim that at least some species of wild fish will dutifully chase a laser point on the seabed. And what’s more, this quirk might help scientists better understand how these fish protect their homes.

Rejoice if you look towards the dystopia of the Star Wars universe, for laser weapons have finally, at long last, arrived. The laser, a weapon system perpetually “ten or fifteen years away” from operational use, is off the development treadmill and entering the field. In addition to the smug banter of science fiction video games, you can now have the weapons too. Here’s how they work and how they’ll change warfare forever.

U.S. defence contractor Raytheon has announced that it delivered the first publicly acknowledged anti-drone laser weapon to the U.S. Air Force earlier this month. The military contractor said the Air Force will deploy the weapon in a year-long experiment overseas in order to train people how to use it and test its effectiveness out in the real world.

Projectors can be a cheaper and far more convenient way to put a gigantic 100+ inch TV in your living room. But to get an image that rivals an LCD or OLED TV, you can’t just point them at a bare wall. So with its new LS500 short-throw 4K laser projector, Epson is including a perfectly-sized ambient light rejecting screen that promises deep blacks and vivid colours.

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA—The winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics didn’t just make discoveries. Their revolutionary work turned powerful lasers into ubiquitous lab tools. The day of the announcement earlier this month, I’d already planned to visit the tennis-court sized Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator, or BELLA, which uses one of the Nobel-winning methods to create one of the most powerful laser pulses on Earth.

Over-the-top Nerf battles are a fun and (mostly) painless way to determine who in the office has to buy the doughnuts this week. What's not so fun is having to hunt down every last missing dart afterwards. Hasbro's eliminated that hassle with its new Laser Ops Pro blasters; an updated version of laser tag that might feel like blasphemy to the Nerf name, but actually ends up being more fun than fighting with foam darts.

When discussing a big-screen TV, size is bound to be the primary topic of conversation, but with HiSense's 100-inch Ultra HD Laser TV, bigness approaches a thought-terminating cliche - one I have been happy to let take over my puny mind.

Editor note: The HiSense 100-inch Ultra HD Laser TV isn't available in Australia yet - we will keep you updated.

The US Air Force's scientific research wing is giving Lockheed Martin $US26.3 million ($34.3 million) "for the design, development, and production of a high power fibre laser" which it expects to start testing on a tactical fighter jet in four years. Sounds cool and certainly futuristic, but the jury's still out on whether these weapons have any real tactical value.