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In these gadget-filled times, it’s likely that you’re going to have to shift some of your used tech every now and again, either to make room for an upgrade or to fund a different purchase. There’s a range of options on how to do this, but whether you go for eBay or Craigslist, these are the mistakes to avoid making along the way.

Like top-of-the-line Alienware portables before it, the Area-51m “laptop” is gigantic, expensive, and won’t fool anyone into thinking it’s anything but a device for Rockstar-swilling gamers. But at the same time, it’s a departure from previous laptops in ways that a least try to address some of those problems. And yes, of course, it’s incredibly powerful and will scream through games.

Wow, it’s finally here: The last season of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres tonight. In a matter of mere hours, viewers will have the chance to re-experience the magical world of Westeros, spending a final few episodes in the company of fan favourites like Dragon Owner, The Explosion Doer, Grizzled Conscience ManZombie McHugenstein, Sword Guy, Teen Murderer, Scarface, and other fantastical creations like all those Winds of Winter pages George R. R. Martin definitely has.

Yeah, baby! Woo! Winter is here (kinda), it’s kind of a mess now, and I’m ready to get it the heck over with!!! Let’s do it!!!

Some of the fastest storage tech around is soon going to be available to people buying just any old laptop. Intel’s Optane technology, based on 3D Xpoint is really fast, but unless you’re building your own computer or manage a server farm it’s been out of reach. Which is a shame because Optane offers blazing storage speeds and the ability to improve traditional SSDs using Optane Memory.

It seems as though with every passing year the smartphones in our pockets become more powerful and capable—and more prepared than they’ve ever been to be the only computing device we need in our lives.

However, before you give away or sell that old laptop without replacing it consider these scenarios where you really can’t beat the functionality of a computer.

When Huawei released the original MateBook X Pro last year, I’m not entirely sure the company knew what it had created. Huawei has only been in the laptop business for about three years, a relatively short time compared to industry veterans like Apple, Dell, Lenovo and others. So when it made a premium 14-inch laptop with a gorgeous (though somewhat derivative) all aluminium body, top-notch specs, a stunning screen, and tricky pop-up webcam, and then priced it at just $US1,200 ($1,688) as if all those other features weren’t enough, it transformed the MateBook X Pro into my favourite ultraportable laptop of 2018.

Portable monitors for laptops aren’t an entirely new class of gadget, but prior to the widespread adoption of USB-C, they were always kind of a pain in the arse. That’s because you needed one cord for data, and another cord for power, with older models often ending up too big and bulky for most people to want to carry around.

Last year, Huawei took a big shot at Apple with the MateBook X Pro, a laptop that encapsulated some of the best things about MacBook Pro line while ignoring more gimmicky features like the Touch Bar and Apple’s frustrating butterfly keyboard. So for 2019, Huawei made a new mainstream 13-inch laptop meant to take down the recently revamped MacBook Air, and aside from one shortcoming, the MateBook 13 outclasses its biggest competitor in nearly every way.