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Laptop bags all used to look the same -- black, boring and an unremarkable sight. Carrying something that didn't fit this description would have been a flamboyant fashion statement a few years ago, but nowadays it's rare to look twice. Incase's new Pathway collection has a design that is sure to please everyone who falls between the two extremes.


You spent hundreds of dollars on your laptop. You're not going to toss that thing around like a Frisbee. The right bag should keep that precious piece of metal and chips safe, but it should also make the machine mobile. That means portability, comfort and style. After two weeks hauling four different bags, we've found one that's great to look at and easy to lug.


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In case of emergency, you just need a hoodie and to follow these easy steps.


Triggering a "why the hell didn't I think of that?!" moment, Artmu has designed a laptop sleeve that, when unzipped and opened up completely, transforms into an effective mouse pad. Altogether now: Why didn't I think of that?