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I've got a struggle y'all. I've been using the new Kobo Aura H2O off and on for the last few weeks, switching between reading on it with reading on my overpriced but super damn slick Amazon Kindle Oasis. The two aren't entirely comparable: The Oasis costs $449 and the Kobo goes for $239. But the big difference between the two has nothing to do with price, or even hardware — it comes down to how I get the books on the Kobo. And as I plug the Aura into my laptop, again, to load on another book, again, I'm really forced to ask myself, again, why am I enduring this?


eBooks are great — they're so much more convenient than paperback or hardback titles for travellers and commuters alike, especially if you're the kind of reader that devours long tomes on a regular basis. But e-readers generally have small screens and don't offer the same reading experience as a proper book. But Kobo's new Aura One e-reader has two vital statistics that avid readers will know well — it has a screen the size of a classic hardback, housed in a chassis that's smaller than the thinnest airport thriller paperback.


JB Hi-Fi's NOW eBook service will be closing its store on September 30th, after merging with eReading giant Rakuten Kobo. This isn't the first time Kobo has acquired another eBook service, with the company also having taken over Sony's Reader Store early last year. It's not particularly bad news for existing customers on JB Hi-Fi's service, however, as they will be transferred over to Kobo's service from the start of October.


Reading in the bath is probably the most noble pastime there is. Noone's going to bother you, you have a good book, it's nice and warm, you're marinating in your own filth... Anyway. The Kobo Aura HD was already an excellent e-reading device, but the Kobo Aura H2O, like the name suggests, adds a whole bunch of waterproofing to make this e-reader even more hardy than a Thomas Hardy hardcover.


There's not a gift in the world that can make up for all the crap you did as a kid, but that's what Mother's Day next Sunday May 12 is for: an annual opportunity to pay tribute to your mum and what she put up with for all those years. Here are six great gifts you can get this weekend that she'd love.


Let's face it: Kobo's last tablet — the Vox — was rubbish. It was a DOA tablet and not something worth our time, unfortunately. Now, though, Kobo has a new tablet called the Arc. We were excited when the Arc was announced, because it sounded like something that might actually be amazing enough to wash the Vox-taste out of our mouths. It has damn-near the same specs as crowd-favourite and defending champ, the Nexus 7, and it's nice and cheap to boot. Fight!


The age of the ereader is drawing to a close. That's the drumbeat this week, after iSuppli pegged the year-over-year decline of reader sales at a staggering 36 per cent. It makes sense; why get a fuddy little Kobo when there are cheap Kindle Fires aplenty to be had?


When we previewed the Kobo Arc tablet a little while ago, we called it a serious competitor to the Nexus 7's tablet throne. Kobo it seems is still looking to improve its odds in the fight for 7-inch tablet relevance by upping the storage and dropping the price of its Arc tablet before it's even hit the market.


When the Nexus 7 hit the market, we wondered if it would force other manufacturers to lower their prices without lowering the specs on new devices. We're going to find out later if Amazon has taken Google's warning shot on board, but in the meantime, the Kobo Arc tablet has just been announced and it's seriously impressive. Be afraid, Nexus 7: the Kobo is coming to ruin your Christmas.


Just months after our Tasman neighbours won bragging rights for winning the Rugby World Cup, our Kiwi cousins have another trophy to hold over our heads - they can now purchase the Android-based Kobo Vox tablet from retailer Whitcoulls. The good news is that Aussies can still pre-order...


Fords? Holdens? Dogs? Cats? Today's Android App choice is one of those either/or kinds of choices, with both Kindle and Kobo offering excellent book buying and reading apps for the Android platform.


As far as I'm aware, this is the first time the Kindle will be available from a local retailer. Both versions of the graphite Kindle 3 are now up for pre-order: the 3G for $219, and Wi-Fi for $159 (shipping is free). That compares pretty well compared to getting it shipped from Amazon directly. Update: Also available Woolworths supermarkets.