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I may have a bad memory, but I don't remember Matrix Reloaded to be about "white men wanting a stud to breed slaves". Or Arnold Swarchenegger starring in Star Wars. Or a Tom Cruise movie called Pepe Likes Tacos. But, if you are in China, that's exactly what happens.


According to highly suspect rumours website NowhereElse.fr, an industrious Chinese company has already copied the design for the iPhone 5 -- even before we officially know what the iPhone 5 looks like. Meet the Goophone i5, the bastard child of cobbled together rumours and unyielding ambition.


One stand at Computex had two of the most delicious Apple rip offs you're ever likely to see. One Android tablet built and skinned to look like the iPad's evil twin, and one aluminium laptop range complete with the cut away logo on the back of the monitor. But it's OK. That's an umbrella, so it's totes different.