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I remember when I first started working in this industry, one of my first jobs was to review a pair of wireless RF headphones from some low-end Chinese manufacturer. They were terrible. Interference that manifested itself as random bursts of static blasting through the headphones, they showcased both the need to buy better quality, and the shortcomings of RF technology as a wireless audio standard. These new Sennheisers are all digital though, which should mean static is a thing of the past.

DigiFi's new Digital Opera headphones use the high-efficiency, high-quality Kleer wireless tech to get your tunes from your iPod to your ears. We're also digging the neat over-ear design with curly cable, which looks like it'll be good non-tangler, and the fact that up to four people can listen to the same feed, as long as they have the earphones too. They have over 10 hours play time, and have "CD-quality" audio, or so says DigiFi. We're not sure about the "iPod adapter" part though, since it looks a lot like there's just a headphone jack there but no iPod socket, doesn't it? Hey ho. It'll be available worldwide, starting in Korea from now, for about US$98. ">

Kleer wireless technology has shown promise in terms of both energy efficiency and sound quality when compared to Bluetooth, which is why some may find these new MX W1 earphones from Sennheiser appealing. The device allows users to enjoy clear wireless audio from any Kleer-based portable player —there is even a feature that allows multiple MX W1 users to share a single stream. There are no details on pricing yet, but they are expected to arrive in May 2008.

If you want to wake up the neighbours and bother everyone with your music while you ride your bike, the cy.fi wireless iPod dock is the bike speaker for you. And as a special bonus, it looks like an orangutan's ass! Working with the old-school iPod nano (and probably working with any iPod with a dock connector), it's a wireless speaker, and no, it's not using Bluetooth. It's using the Kleer Audio transmission that claims to be 10 times more energy efficient than Bluetooth.