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Amazon's big gala fast approaching and we're expecting a lot of new products: a Kindle Fire, new Kindles with frontlit displays and maybe even a surprise phone. You can see two of them right now. During a Giants vs Cowboys NFL game aired today in the US, Amazon unveiled a brand new ad that shows off never before seen devices. Devices which are very probably the new Kindle and possibly the new Kindle Fire.


The Verge claims to have an image of Amazon's new Kindle Fire, which is expected to be announced next week. It's possible considering we're almost certain that a new Kindle Fire is on the way, and especially since the current Kindle Fire is sold out at Amazon.


AllThingsD is reporting that the next Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter than the current Kindle Fire with a better display, boosting the pixels to a 1280x800 resolution. Supposedly, Amazon is targeting the second half of the year for the release — late in the third quarter, to be a little more specific.