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Amazon is building a new version of its artificially intelligent Echo speaker with a screen, according to a Bloomberg report. The device is currently being worked on by the company's secretive Lab126 research team that was also responsible for some of Amazon's greatest flops and successes like the Fire Phone, Echo Dot and Fire tablet. It sounds weird and kind of unwieldy -- but it might prove to be a great idea.


You can always expect that Amazon will push out new Kindles and Fires year by year, but the Everything Store has so much more in the works. From travel sites to retail stores, there's a whole bunch of rumoured stuff Amazon might be getting ready to roll out. Here's a breakdown.


Last year, Amazon's Kindle tablets really grew up. They got fantastic and stylish new design, and a software update to back it up. This year, Amazon's trotting out a new 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX with faster guts. You won't find a 7-inch version if that's what you're looking for, but Amazon does have some staggeringly cheap new Kindle Fire HDs to take its place for just $US100 a pop.


For the longest time in Australia, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best content tablet you could never have. Amazon has figured out that there's a giant island on the bottom of the world, and will now start selling the Fire range of tablets online and in retail stores, and much more.


The Kindle Fire HD is the Amazon tablet for most people. Last year, it was just $US40 more than the improved-but-uh-why-would-you-buy-this-again second gen Kindle Fire 2. BGR has an unconfirmed report, though, that last year's Fire HD is this year's Fire is very confusing for everyone, probably.


There's almost no question that the iPad Mini is a terrific device; it's got too much pedigree and money behind it to be anything else. But barring some sort of miracle from on Ive, it's also certifiably overpriced. And that's a bad sign for Apple.


Less than a year after the first generation of smaller tablets gained traction, a second generation of 7-inchers has arrived -- the Google Nexus 7 launched in July and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in September. There are many other manufacturers making small tablets, but these are the only models seeing significant demand. As we'll see, in this short period of time these mini tablets have evolved into first-tier products with excellent displays that outperform most full-size higher-priced tablets. But which is best?


Amazon's Kindle Fire has declared an all out price war with the iPad. But if you don't need all those fancy colour-screen bells and whistles, you can opt for the even cheaper e-ink Kindle. And if even that's overkill, Conan O' Brien has discovered Amazon is selling -- or renting -- an even cheaper solution.