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You've seen the horror heavy-hitters, like Halloween, The Shining, and The Exorcist. You've also seen the most-beloved cult horror flicks, like Evil Dead 2 and Re-Animator. Now, peel away one more layer and unearth some obscure horror gems that are primed to infect your nightmares with fresh terrors.


Between 2011 and 2015 Volkswagen installed (but didn't tell anyone about) "defeat" software, which controlled the exhaust gas recirculation system - meaning the cars produced lower nitrogen oxide emissions in a lab test than they did in the real world.

Now with a damning report from the Australian Automobile Association revealing vehicles producing up to seven times the legal limit of some noxious emissions, experts are lobbying for a full-time switch to real-world testing.


The brand, shiny new powered-by-Roku Telstra TV is here (well, on October 31, anyway) - combining subscription TV and on-demand streaming with free-to-air, which we all definitely still watch.

Telstra is boasting the upgraded device (which will cost $192 outright or with the $99 bundle like it's predecessor), will be the country's very first live TV, catch-up and on-demand search function.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been reprimanded by one of the world's most respected internet security professionals for his comments on encryption, and for his push to force tech companies to allow police access to encrypted communications, which critics say will not be possible to implement.

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The federal government’s new National Energy Guarantee (NEG) proposal looks likely to put the brakes on renewable energy investment in Australia. And based on the sparse detail so far available, there are serious questions about whether the plan really can deliver on its aims of reliability, emissions reductions and lower prices.


This morning, NBN released a list of the 10 most expensive fibre to the premises (FTTP) installations rolled out under its original network plan. Despite the company generally staying tight-lipped about 'commercial in confidence' information -- including in its reports to the Senate committee charged with keeping it in line -- it's clearly happy to publish data that supports its government-mandated multi-technology mix.


Here's yet another sign that in the age of US President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, the foxes are feasting in the coop. According to a report in the New York Times, former George W. Bush administration official Dr. Nancy Beck has returned from a stretch with chemical manufacturer lobbying group the American Chemistry Council to serve as a top deputy in the EPA's toxic chemical unit.


While Awesome Games Done Quick draws the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers, other smaller speedrunning events are held all over the world. One such event is the Australian Speedrun Marathon, which takes place this weekend at PAX Australia.


A landmark new study following officers in the US capital has found no evidence that body cameras reduce allegations of police misconduct or officer use of force. More than 2000 officers participated in the study, making it the largest of its kind in the United States. Tracked over several months, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers with body cameras received roughly the same number of civilian complaints as those without them and reported using force just about as often.