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Nothing Apple announced on Tuesday has as much life-changing potential as this revolving keyring does. It's apparently based on a clever design from the late 1800s that was either lost to time, or confiscated by aliens to slow mankind's progress. Either way, it's back, and ready to save your fingernails every time you need to remove a key.


Combining a simple red laser pointer with a Star Trek phaser toy seems so incredibly obvious, but it's apparently taken this long for a clever entrepreneur to put those pieces together and come up with this adorable keychain that actually fires a glowing blast. That or it's taken years to negotiate the Star Trek licensing rights.


Slap your signature all over everything like a very demure tag artist with these wonderful customisable inspector stamps. For $US23 a pop, you can add your address, your website, your Twitter handle if you're desperate, or whatever your little Lisa Frank-channelling heart desires.


Just like a camera, the best tripod is the one you have with you. There's no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a carbon fibre set of sticks if they're inconvenient to carry. The tiny Tiltpod Mobile is designed to attach to your keys, ensuring it's always close at hand -- or at least somewhere in your pocket.


Key ring hooks generally come in two flavours - the kind you spent an age trying to find to suit your decor, or the kind that you (or your kids) made in woodwork class that you only put up because you don't have a better alternative. Hookeychain does away with the need for either, stylishly attaching to your fridge using a powerful magnet.