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Not to enrage the Bieber Nation or Beliebers or whatever Bieberian name tweens and post-tweens call themselves now, but it looks like a lot of the people who follow him on Twitter are fake. In fact, he has the highest number of fakeout Twitter followers out of the top 10 Twitter accounts. 16.7 million accounts are fake! 2.6 million are inactive! Those numbers are ridiculous.


Yep, that's right. Justin Bieber has joined Instagram and has tweeted his first image. Within minutes, Bieber started gaining 50 followers a second and six comments a minute. And yeah, this first photo already accrued 300 likes.


Justin Bieber feels that he is the Kurt Cobain of his generation. Little he knew that Steve Jobs feels like the Justin Bieber of his generation. The good news: now you can feel like him too, with the BieberHair application.


There probably won't be riots over the fact that Justin Bieber was kicked off Facebook. That's because it wasn't the teenage heartthrob who lost access to the social networking site. Instead it was just an unfortunately named Florida resident.


Justin Bieber uses 3 per cent of Twitter resources at any moment. According to a Twitter employee - talking to designer Dustin Curtis - Bieber has "racks of servers" dedicated to him. I'm sure this will excite his haters (hello 4chan!) even more.


You totally hate Justin Bieber, right, because you're a rebel or whatever? That's just because you haven't listened to Bieber slowed down 800 per cent. Now his new single "U Smile" is a 30-minute epic. And it sounds awesome. No, really.


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American Treasure Justin Bieber's physical well-being was endangered this week when his Segway failed to outrun a gawping throng of 12-year-old girls. I've never been more thankful for the existence of video cameras.