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NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Juno spacecraft hasn't been able to catch a break lately. This past October, Juno suffered a malfunction with a pair of helium valves, causing NASA to delay an engine burn that would have brought the spacecraft into its "science orbit". Today, after months of evaluation, NASA announced that it has decided to forgo that engine burn entirely. Juno will remain in its current 53.5-day orbit for the rest of its mission, which isn't the worst news, but it isn't great either.

A critical moment in NASA'S Juno mission has been postponed while engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory attempt to sort out a mysterious engine issue. If the problem is not resolved quickly, it could reduce the amount of high-quality data the Jupiter-orbiting probe is able to collect during its scientific mission.

A burst of flame will streak across the skies of Jupiter in the early hours of July 5 as humankind’s newest robotic explorer arrives at the giant planet. NASA’s Juno spacecraft will be entering the unknown, penetrating deep into the radiation-filled heart of the Jupiter system in a bold attempt to unlock the secrets of the gas giant’s origins.

As NASA's Juno mission continues to hurl itself toward Jupiter, the terrifying reality of flying close to the biggest and baddest planet in our solar system is starting to set in. Yesterday, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory dropped recordings that the spacecraft created based on data it collected as it crossed Jupiter's "bow shock" and entered the magnetosphere. They're straight-up nightmare fuel.

NASA has teamed up with Apple on a short film, "Visions of Harmony", celebrating the imminent arrival of its Juno probe at Jupiter this Monday, July 4. It's available for free on iTunes and Apple Music, and features music by former Nine Inch Nails frontman and current Apple Music executive Trent Reznor, as well as Weezer, GZA the Genius and Zoe.

Five hundred and eighty eight million kilometres away sits a cloud of gas so large that it weighs more than Saturn, Uranus and Neptune combined. It's so powerful that it's been accused of slinging entire planets into the sun, and so ancient it could hold the key to the origin of Earth.

Image Cache: On July 4, NASA's Juno spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Jupiter for a new scientific mission that seeks to solve the decades-long mystery of what lies beneath the gas giant's swirling cloud tops. As the latest stunning image from the spacecraft's approach shows, we're getting really close.