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Netflix’s Altered Carbon is a dystopian thriller that plays with the idea of identity by imagining a world where human immortality can only be achieved through the systematic swapping of consciousnesses into the bodies of other, less fortunate people.

Though it seemed the show’s future was in question, the streaming service has just announced it will indeed get a second season, and it’ll star Marvel actor Anthony Mackie.

It's entirely understandable if you don't remember too many details about Joe Wright's 2011 thriller Hanna. As fascinating as it was, it's the kind of movie that somehow manages to slip back into the recesses of your memory very easily. That might be why Amazon has decided to reboot it as a streaming series.

Netflix has begun to lift the lid on its reportedly grand adaptation of Richard K. Morgan's cyberpunk classic Altered Carbon, but one area it's yet to really dive into is the mysterious technology that brings its protagonist into a seedy cyberpunk future. This new featurette starts to unpack that tech for those unfamiliar with the novel.

There is literally no way the actual movie could be crazier than the stories we keep getting about what the cast suffered during filming. Every single day, I think there can't possibly be more. And every single day I am proven wrong. Often, more than once in a single 24-hour period. And now, parts, like, 4000-4005 of an 11,000-part series I'm now calling, "Damn, what happened to you people?"