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Video: Thank God US President Barack Obama doesn't have a Google Alert set up with his name on it: the amount of crap he'd read about himself would be off the charts. Jimmy Kimmel has instead nabbed a few mean tweets and got the President in to read them. He's so salty about it, too.


Apple unveiled two new iPads yesterday, and regardless of what new bells and whistles they're packing, people will inevitably ooh and ahh over them, and buy the fresh tablets by millions. Which brings up a question: What if Apple's announcement was completely BS-free?


For famous people, Twitter is a medium where they can pretend like they're "connecting" with their fans while actually shilling products for cash monies, retweeting how great they are while simultaneously receiving hate tweets from anonymous Twitter snipers. So here's a bunch of celebrities reading the hate tweets they receive on Jimmy Kimmel.


Jimmy Kimmel, my favourite late night host and prankster extraordinaire, wickedly asked people to post videos of them turning off their TVs during the Super Bowl while everyone in their home was watching. Hilarity, curse words, groans, madness, confusion and screaming ensues. This is so good. Who cares about a game anymore?