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One of the things that makes the Jurassic Park franchise so memorable is John Williams' score. The majestic music is one of the legendary composer's most recognisable compositions. That score is teased, but never truly unleashed, in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which is also the perfect analogy for the movie as a whole. Everything feels held back and small. There's never a moment worthy of that iconic music.

As a moviegoer, few things are as exciting as instantly being compelled by the world being built on screen -- that feeling of diving into a whole new universe filled with unanswered questions and fascinating characters that, for the next two hours, you get to learn all about. The new film Hotel Artemis is like that. It sets up a world you'll desperately want to know more about and see where the story leads. Ultimately, though, it struggles to pay off.

Jeff Goldblum really wants to return to the Marvel movieverse. The Halloween sequel/reboot will have references to the past continuations. Some familiar faces are returning to Agents of SHIELD. Jessica Parker Kennedy's The Flash character's secret identity has yet to be uncovered. Plus, a ton of new Tomb Raider footage. Spoilers!