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Video: The Olympics are supposed to be a series of competitions that test the physical capabilities of the competing athletes. But increasingly, it seems as though it’s become a competition over which athlete brings the best gear, be it highly-engineered running shoes, swimsuits or sleds. So why shouldn’t track and field athletes be allowed to use a comically-monstrous slingshot cannon at the javelin event?

Following up their review of the pre-release BlackBerry Curve 8900 (aka Javelin), the CrackBerry guys decided to shoot a video of it, including both a feature walkthrough and a comparison with the older Curve and the new Bold. It's helpful, since the Javelin really is a combination of the two. Anyway, have a look—thankfully the CB dudes made the video embeddable, so your clickin' finger can rest awhile.

Next month will apparently be a busy one for RIM. Besides launching its first ever touchscreen phone, the Storm, they'll be pushing out their all-new Curve 8900 on T-Mobile Germany, says the carrier's site. Formerly known by the codename Javelin, it brings the Bold's design and updated, slicker OS down to a smaller form factor. Unfortunately, it doesn't carry over 3G, but it will definitely be cheaper. Expect it everywhere else shortly thereafter, since it's unlikely to be plagued by the same certification issues that the Bold has been wrestling with.

The fine addicts over at Crackberry got themselves a pre-release BlackBerry Javelin, and found it to be a worthy follow-up to the Curve, as well as having advantages even over the schmancy-pants Bold. The Javelin is not only the smallest of the three, which feels great in the hand and the pocket, but also boasts the sharpest screen at 480x360 HVGA+, for smaller and crisper icons. The camera, processor, and internal memory all get a significant bump from the Curve, making it noticeably snappier. In terms of navigation, the keyboard is very slightly more condensed, but the reviewer finds it just as easy to use. But the biggest improvement might be the smallest - a dedicated Lock button. We still don't have an official release date or price, but the pre-release review is a happy hint that it might come out sooner rather than later.