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Video: When the very first trailer for Fox's Logan dropped last year, it was the ad's careful use of Johnny Cash's haunting "Hurt" that suggested the movie would have an emotional weight and depth to it unlike any other X-Men flick. The song was always perfect crystallisation of the older Wolverine's painful struggle, but in this new trailer for the movie's black-and-white version, footage from the film becomes the emotionally-devastating visual aspect to what's basically the most badarse Johnny Cash music video ever.

Video: Despite being Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, the real star of Logan turned out to be Dafne Keen. Finding a very young actress to not only share a screen with Jackman, but sometimes outshine him, sounds like a nearly impossible task. But after you see this clip of Keen's audition, you'll realise casting her must have been a very easy choice for director James Mangold.

Logan might stand out as its own film, not needing or wanting to include parts of the X-Men franchise that didn't serve the story, but it turns out we were pretty close to getting a rather depressing ode to the Phoenix herself.

We all know the story. For years 20th Century Fox, the controllers of the rights to all Marvel X-Men properties, was too worried to make the R-rated Deadpool. They didn't think something that raunchy or violent could work in the superhero genre. Then, finally, after years of saying "No", they finally said "Yes" -- and $US780 million ($1 billion) later, they're happy they did.

In Hollywood, the prevailing thought is an R-rating holds a film back. (The closest Australian equivalent is MA15+.) The feeling is, by limiting the audience to people over 17, studios aren't allowing films to live up to their full financial potential. Forget the fact forcing a rating hinders creativity and kids will see a movie anyway, it's just the way some executives think.