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Video: In Iron Sky: The Coming Race, Hitler rides a T.rex. Back in 2014, when the first trailer for the movie came out, including the same scenario, it was an idea ridiculous enough to be kind of funny. Nowadays, with Nazis seemingly everywhere in pop culture and on the actual fringes of politics, it's no longer particularly amusing.

When it came out in 2012, Iron Sky was a cult hit. It didn't have the most cerebral plot ever devised, but it was good honest fun -- Nazis on the moon, people. Over 10 per cent of the movie's funding came from online crowd-funding, and it may surprise you to know that part of it was filmed in Queensland. Now, there's a sequel. Here's the trailer!

Video: If you don't know Paolo Nutini, I don't blame you. I just learned about this British singer when I saw this video of his song Iron Sky. It opens with a hard-to-watch 2-minute silent intro -- and then the beautiful music hits contrasting with the lives of pariahs, the mentally insane, the junkies... It knocked me out.

Remember our competition to write a limerick and win double passes to see Iron Sky? We've picked the winners, and they're a tribute to the resilience of the limerick as a relevant poetical form. Or just a lot of jokes about space Nazis. Check them out below.

If you haven’t watched the Iron Sky trailer yet, you need to so after the jump. It's OK, I'll wait. The new flick sees Nazis attack Earth with a space fleet built on the moon after WWII. It's a deliciously tacky concept brought to life by online crowd-sourced funding and co-producers from Australia, Finland and Germany. And after positive response at the Berlin Film Festival this month, it may just get an Aussie theatrical release.

In an alternative Earth, Hitler had a Plan B: A secret colony on the Moon, founded by troops launched from Antarctica. According to Iron Sky, that's exactly what happened. And soon, they will be back to fight back, flying UFOs.