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Apps misbehaving? Phone acting sluggish? If you're experiencing any kind of problem with your iPhone, then emptying out the device's RAM can often do wonders. It effectively ditches everything the phone was trying to juggle in its memory at once. Restarting your iPhone is one way of doing this, but there is a quicker option.


Books, magazines, comics, even photographs have already all made the move to digital. And finally, 65 years after coming up with a clever way to boost gum sales, Topps is bringing its iconic trading cards into the digital world with a new Star Wars app that lets collectors trade cards with anyone else on earth with an internet connection and an iOS device.


One of the Apple's more polarising design choices with its mobile devices is the lack of a slot for an microSD card or similar avenue for expanded storage. Yes, you could just buy a non-Apple tablet or phone, but if you're just too attached to the hardware from the big white citrus, you should check out the iFlash Drive.


Apple has agreed to pay out a weighty $US53 million to settle a lawsuit that saw the company accused of not correctly honouring warranties of iPhone and iPod Touches, reports Wired. The settlement should, in theory, see tens of thousands of Apple customers previously refused repairs or replacement hardware under warranty receive cash payouts.


Come one, come all, we have iOS apps for the masses this week! We're giving a big shout out to parents this week with our best iPad apps. Between entertaining a crying kid and buying a pack of nappies with minimal effort, we're looking out for you. There's also a decent selection of new iPhone apps there for those with and without kids.


Now that the fifth-generation of the iPod Touch has hit the market, you can count on seeing more and more specials on the fourth-generation. Kmart is selling the 16GB iPod Touch (fourth generation) for $169 right now, down from $199. The 32GB is also on special. It's $249 down from $279.