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Bluetooth? Please. When you've got a music player as petite as the new iPod shuffle, a bulky dongle kind of defeats the purpose. So Elecom's Actrail headphones cut out the middleman, plugging in the shuffle next to the right earpiece. Brilliant.


After spending seven days living with our new iPods, we're gonna let them stay. As far as media-slinging sidekicks go, they're pretty good. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows.


Apple's music event was so full of shiny gadgets and awesome news that your head might still be spinning. In case you struggled to keep up with everything or want a review, here are all the highlights.


Apple's given the shuffle back its buttons, despite the smallest form factor yet. Even more impressive: it's got 15 hours of battery life, 2GB storage and a price tag of $69. And I have to admit, it's kind of adorable.


What to make of the diminutive iPod Shuffle? It's handy for working out, but immediately less handy if you don't have a sporty top to clip it to. That leaves you with two options: your earlobe or the Pod a porter neckband.


If you're even thinking about buying an Apple product, wait until after you've read through this guide to product cycles and refreshes. It's not always a good time to buy - and now might be an especially bad one for some.


Apple makes some of the most specialised mainstream devices around, but the gear is never very cheap and, let's face it, it stinks for any one company to own your wallet. So here are the best alternatives for each iProduct.