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Have an old iPod dock lying around? It's not entirely useless with your iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector. All you need is a cheap Bluetooth adaptor and you're back in business.


Nothing says class and modern charm like building speakers into furniture, and the UK Sound Sofa by CSL isn't going to miss this trend wave. For just $1500, you can own (and nap on!) the world's worst idea.


For our iPod dock Battlemodo we tested new 30-pin speaker docks under $500 Australian from Sony, B&W, Logitech and Altech Lansing.All of them are compatible with both iPods and iPhones.


Yamaha makes some pretty awesome audio equipment, even if it often ranges on the pricey side. So there's reason to be excited for their new PDX-11 iPod dock, especially considering the four-inch woofer, distinctive looks and $US100 pricetag.


The award for ridiculous iPod docks clearly belongs to Jarre Technologies' 3m tall AreoDreamOne. Let's forget for a moment that you have a 3m speaker in your house that looks like a heat lamp outside of a restaurant. The dock requires you to climb a built-in ladder to plug in your iOS device.