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3D Touch might be on of iOS's most unique and most ignored features. Using sensors in your iPhone it knows exactly how hard you're pressing and contextually gives you a whole slew of cool options for your particular press. If you've just bought yourself a new iPhone 6s or 7 or you've forgotten just how useful 3D Touch¬†can be, we're here to help — these are some of the smartest shortcuts available thanks to Apple's pressure-sensitive screen tech. Give a firm 3D Touch press on your iPhone's screen and all these options are open to you.


A fortnight ago, I dropped my iPhone. I dropped it while I was switching cases — just my luck. It fell barely half a metre onto wooden floorboards. It didn't sound like a bad fall.

But it's smashed. Like, properly smashed. Because I'm too time-poor (or lazy, or spoilt) to get it replaced, I've spent the last two weeks using a completely shattered iPhone.

This is what I've learned.


Image Cache: Apple's Shot on iPhone billboard photography campaigns have always been beautiful. Its latest, designed to show off some amazing low-light images captured with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, tasked photographers with capturing their images between dusk and dawn on the night of November 5, 2016. And Australia's very own Bondi Beach gets a special showing.


Some cooks pride themselves on their mastery of the grill and are happy to spend hours tending to meats. However, if you love barbecue but hate the idea of being stuck next to one all afternoon, Char-Broil's new SmartChef Gas Grill connects to a smartphone app so you can monitor your dinner while doing anything else.