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We've spent the past four weeks showcasing our favourite apps for the iPhone. There's a lot we didn't fit in, and a few of our decisions weren't universally accepted. So now's your chance to tell us? What did we miss? What did we get wrong? What apps do you think every iPhone owner needs to have on their iPhone?


Back when you got your first Nokia, who would have dreamed of playing a first person shooter on a phone? A good first person shooter on a phone even? N.O.V.A. is a fantastic FPS, pushing the iPhone to its graphical boundaries and offering both an epic one player campaign and online multiplayer. What more could you want?


If you want custom ringtones on your iPhone, you either need to buy them, or drag your music over to Garageband (or a similar Windows based audio program) and edit it down to ringtone-sized pieces. Ringtone Maker Pro makes the process of making a ringtone for your iPhone a bit easier, although the syncing side of things still needs a bit of work.


Yeah, it's been done. Everyone's got it, played it, sworn at the f$&king pigs and moved on. But if we're talking about the truly awesome apps for the iPhone here with iAppalooza, how can we not recommend this?


If you don't use the free service DropBox already, you're missing out on one of the best online services for syncing and sharing files. The fact that there's a free iPhone app available for the service is just the icing on the cake of awesome they've created.


We weren't going to include Fruit Ninja in iAppalooza. Not because we didn't like it - on the contrary, it's one of the best games ever invented for a touchscreen device, and it's Aussie made as well. No, we weren't going to include it because, at over two million sales worldwide, you've probably already got it installed on your phone anyway. What changed our minds was the multiplayer mode that came when Halfbrick added Game Center support.


Since joining the fatherhood fraternity, my wine collection has become what the French call, "le crap". But so that I can ensure that every bottle is worth buying, I always use the Aussie made Cellar app.


There are thousands of apps on the app store designed for tracking your mobile phone usage, be it phone calls or data. But Consume takes that to a whole other level, letting you keep track of almost everything.