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John McCain. United States Senator. 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee. American Hero. iPhone Poker Player during a fairly important Senate hearing about the use of force in Syria. Yep, The Washington Post captured Senator John McCain fooling around on his iPhone during a three-hour hearing about Syria.


Here's what you're going to be doing for the rest of the week: Temple Run 2. So tell your mum to hold the dessert. Call your boss that you'll be sick. And let your teacher know that you won't have any homework. Because you have to download Temple Run 2, the sequel to the ridiculously popular running away from monkey game, for your iPhone right now and get to playing.


The newest addition to Zynga's game family is Hanging With Friends, an app for iGadgets big and small. It's a twist on classic hangman, with elements of Scrabble and other word games thrown in. You can only choose from a...


Last year's Chaos Rings told the story of five couples mysteriously transported to a place called the Arc Arena, where are forced to fight their way through a variety of dungeons until only one couple remained to claim the grand...


Once upon a time, Armor Games published a flash game called Crush the Castle, and it was quite good. Then another studio came along, replaced the trebuchet with a slingshot, the ordnance with birds, and made off with all the gold in the land.