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I'm not saying you shouldn't rock an Attack on Titan mobile phone case in the shape of the 3D Manoeuvring Device's controller from the show. By all means, let your otaku flag fly. All I'm saying is don't pull this thing out on the train if you don't want get arrested and/or shot. Because it looks exactly like an IED detonator.


You've seen the iPhone accessory that can check your blood pressure, as well as the one that can monitor your heart rate. There's even one that can turn your phone into an electrocardiogram (ECG). But, now, there's an iPhone case that can do all of that -- and more. Meet Wello.


Not all of us are iPhone nudists. Some of us prefer to clothe our gadgets in a case. But there are probably more cases out there than there are actual iPhones, and we all have unique priorities, whether it be screen protection, style or saving money. Here are the best iPhone 5 cases that live up to your specific needs.


There are countless ways your phone can come to the rescue in an emergency, from first-aid apps, to just being able to dial 000 on the spot. But if you're being attacked or pursued, you don't have time to fumble through a touchscreen UI. You need to signal for help immediately, which is easy to do with this iPhone 5 whistle case.


When people call Apple's iPhone a "global device", it's really something of a misnomer. Can it work on a desolate high peak? Or in the middle of the ocean? No, it's limited to a network of ground-based antenna. This simple case frees the iPhone from those shackles, and lets it work pretty much anywhere in the whole wide world.


If you're stuck with a limited iPhone data plan and rely heavily on Wi-Fi to avoid overage charges, spending $50 to vastly improve your reception when leeching from free hotspots might sound like a real bargain. That is if the Linkase manages to deliver on its promise of boosting Wi-Fi reception by as much as 50 per cent.