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Samsung has won a patent battle against Apple that could see the iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 banned from sale in the US. The legal fight was centred on a patent relating to 3G standards, which Samsung has pledged to licence freely, reports The Guardian.

Adam Crouchley loves Apple. He had an iPhone 4 and recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 and freely admits that he's deep into the ecosystem. You might remember a little while ago, Adam and Apple had a bit of a falling out. No, this isn't a biblical story involving a snake and a girl, instead it's the story of how one New Zealand man took the world's largest company to task and won.

Deathgrip. It sounds like a Harry Potter villain or a Darth Vader finishing-move. No matter what it sounds like, it's still the arch-nemesis of cellular networks. When Apple addressed the iPhone 4's deathgrip issue -- dubbed Antennagate -- it dragged other manufacturers down with it by saying that the same thing happens to all phones when you hold them wrong. Those manufacturers quickly rebuked the claims of Steve Jobs, but inside a sealed, top-secret Australian facility, behind a thick, steel door, Telstra was testing all of its handsets for deathgrip symptoms. The results: deathgrip affects every handset ever made.

I doubt Peter Jackson will be reaching for his smartphone when considering what gear to record his next opus on, but for more conventional folk, you can create some impressive moving pictures with the humble mobile. Take this short film by director Alberto Corral. Called "SYNC", it was recorded on a regular iPhone 4 with the help of a steadycam rig and polished in Final Cut on a MacBook.

With the two year anniversary of the release of the iPhone 4 in Australia just past, many folks who bought their iPhone 4 after that period would now be approaching the end of their contracts. The iPhone 4 has been known to experience some common defects later in its life (does anyone have a flaky home button?), so here is a guide for how to get Apple to honour the Trade Practices Act of 1974, and provide you with free warranty service: that is, a replacement for your defective iPhone.

Just like a camera, the best tripod is the one you have with you. There's no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a carbon fibre set of sticks if they're inconvenient to carry. The tiny Tiltpod Mobile is designed to attach to your keys, ensuring it's always close at hand -- or at least somewhere in your pocket.

If you bring your broken black iPhone 4 to the Apple Store, you might get a fresh iPhone 4S as your replacement phone. What?! Yep, because of supply constraints, many Apple Stores (at least in the States) don't have any black iPhone 4 units (16GB/32GB) in stock so they have been instructed by Apple to give customers an iPhone 4S instead.