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Considering the iPhone had email, MMS wasn't really at the top of my "must-have feature" list for the 3.0 software update, but when it was announced anyway, I shrugged my shoulders with indifference. Only now that indifference has become annoyance with the discovery that the iPhone now refuses to send group SMS messages, instead forcing you to send them as group MMS.


Since Apple hasn't given us a comprehensive list of all the little changes in iPhone 3.0, users have taken it upon themselves to compile the treats they've found in the new software, some of which are actually quite nice.


With the iPhone 3.0 firmware, Apple upped the max number of app pages on the iPhone from 9 to 11. Theoretically, that increased the number of apps the iPhone could support to 180. Theoretically.


Apparently Optus has sent out a press release to certain publications, including our sister site Lifehacker, with some details about their plans for data tethering for the iPhone. Maybe they left Giz off the list because deep down they were so ashamed to be charging $10 a month just for the right to tether your iPhone...


Today's the big day, and iPhone OS 3.0 is already showing up on Apple's servers. The update isn't seeding through iTunes yet, but you can download a restore image directly from the source.


Remember a couple of years ago when Apple launched the first iPhone in the US and neglected Australia? Remember how heaps of people couldn't wait to get their hands on the so-called 'Jesus-phone' so bought it on the grey market, then jailbroke it so it would work in Australia? Well, reader Andrew was one of those people, and after some playing around with the new 3.0 OS and downgrading back to the current 2.2 software, he discovered that he suddenly had Vodafone's visual voicemail working.