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If The Last Jedi was a dark middle chapter for Star Wars’ new trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker will likely be a brighter culmination of the struggle between the Resistance and the First Order. After all, the good guys have to win and save the day, right? But it’s not just on screen that Rise felt like a happier time in the galaxy, far, far away—according to Daisy Ridley, that celebratory vibe was felt working behind the scenes, too.

When you buy yourself a Windows or macOS machine, you’re not just buying the operating system on top of your hardware, you’re buying a suite of free apps as well. These pre-installed, built-in tools can often get overlooked or forgotten about, so we’re here to remind you how useful some of them really are.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is coming, you know that, as is an electric F-150, and of course the Bronco, but this blog is really about those first two cars, since they are more game-changing, at least for Ford. For those of us on the outside this merely constitutes trying.

Perhaps some of you live on the wild side. You stream Netflix on the train because you have a sexy high data cap and DGAF. I respect that.

And then there are us cautious types. We carefully download the shows and movies we want to watch in transit from the comfort of our glorious Wi-Fi. If this accurately describes life, you're probably aware of Smart Download. This downloads the next episode of whatever show you're obsessively watching so you don't have to do it manually.

This functionality has now been extended a little further.

Noise cancelling earbuds really came into their own in 2019, with Sony leading the pack with its WF-1000XM3s.

I was blown away by these shiny bois, declaring the company must have sold souls to Satan in order to make wireless noise cancelling buds so damn good. I didn't expect to be that impressed again this year.

And then Apple dropped its own offering. While Sony may still be superior when it comes to noise cancellation, sound quality and battery life - the Airpods Pro are surprisingly impressive. And I've found myself unable to quit them.

Christmas is nearly upon us! How did that happen? If you're scrambling for gift ideas for your console-loving gals, pals and notable acquaintances, we've got you covered. Check out some of these bad boys for some great console gamer gift ideas.

Sydney-siders may have noticed the new lightrail system performing practice runs over the few weeks, mostly because they're generally accompanied by police officers yelling at pedestrians to not walk in front of them.

We now have an official launch date, and the first weekend will be free for all passengers.

At the approximate half-way point between harassment campaign and esoterically bonkers conspiracy theory, we have “the Snyder cut”—the alleged complete version of Justice League fans believe Zack Snyder finished before tragic personal circumstances lead to his departure from its production. Somehow, we’re still talking about it, but Henry Cavill wishes we weren’t.

Two browsers have yanked Avast and AVG online security extensions from their web stores after a report revealed that they were unnecessarily sucking up a ton of data about users’ browsing history.