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We've seen the differences between Apple Maps and Google Maps before. We know that Apple Maps, as pretty as they may be, is not as data intensive nor does it have the public transit directions of Google Maps. So if you're not getting the iPhone 5, should you not upgrade to iOS 6 also? Because if you stay on iOS 5, you can keep Google Maps on your iPhone.

So here's some good news: The Chronic Dev Team has released the untethered jailbreak tools for all of the post-A4 Apple devices. That means your iPhone 4S, 2012 iPad, iPad 2 and other, older devices can be jailbroken without having to boot into "tethered" mode (connecting to your computer) every time you restart.

Getting bored with Siri? Us too. Finding out what the weather is, setting reminders and asking question gets old. You know what never gets old? Hearing a robot voice curse. I mean, we're all teenage boys at heart, right? Here's how to make Siri curse like a sailor.