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The newest little step forward for iOS just dropped - and while it's nothing dramatic (or unexpected), it adds a nice little pinch of new functionality and performance. Here's what just got a little better about your iPhone/Pad/Pod.


The Gold Master - final version before the release - of iOS 4.3 is now available for developers. We're going to check it out and see if there are any new features Apple snuck in at the last minute. Just eight more days before the actual release for regular folks.


This is weird. On Apple's iOS 4.3 website, it makes no mention of the Verizon iPhone. In fact, it lists iOS 4.3 as compatible with only these devices: iPhone 4 GSM Model and iPhone 3GS. iPod touch 4th generation and 3rd generation. iPad and iPad 2. The Verizon iPhone 4's iOS 4.2.6 already has the Personal Hotspot feature but doesn't have the new AirPlay features and improved Safari browser.