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We've been counting down the 100 most important moments in pop culture all week. And at last, we've reached the end: The top 20. These are the biggest, most monumental events, decisions, releases and more that have left indelible marks (usually for better, sometimes for worse, and some remain to be seen) on nerd culture since January 2008.

We're counting the 100 biggest, most important moments... wait, you read the headline, right? And probably saw the three other articles counting down the 100-41 major pop culture events and decisions - which happened between 2008, to the present - we've run throughout the week, right? You get it. Just remember to come back tomorrow, when we reveal the top 20!

If you're a nerd, the last 10 years have been astonishing. Over the last decade, nerds have conquered pop culture. Superheroes dominate theatres and TV networks. We get a new Star Wars movie every year. A show with zombies, dragons and people having graphic sex is mainstream. It's been 10 years of victories, losses, good times, bad decisions, things we thought we'd never see, things we never could've imagined - and frankly, it's time to take stock.

We may be in a Golden Age of television, but it wasn't always so shiny. Back in 2008, things were rough. The Writers Guild of America's strike had just ended, leading to a slough of bad series, reruns and reality TV. There were some decent shows, but it really wasn't until HBO debuted Game of Thrones that the tide began to turn. Now, in celebration of a decade consisting of some of the best TV we've ever seen, here are our greatest shows of the past 10 years.

In 2008, we were basically living in another world. The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't exist, we were still recovering from George Lucas' Star Wars prequilogy, and Fantastic Four was - ok let's be honest, in about the same place it is now. These years have seen a renaissance in comic book films, along with a surge of high-concept science fiction and fantasy. These are the greatest movies of the past 10 years.