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In February 2012, LaVerne Stiles went to Citrus Memorial Hospital near her home in central Florida for what should have been a routine surgery. The bubbly retired secretary had been in a minor car accident weeks earlier. She didn't worry much about her sore neck until a scan detected a broken bone.


As much as throwing a tantrum feels like a natural option when it comes to organising your life for tax time, there are things you can do to make it seem less of a chore. While you're organising your finances, it's a good time to take care of other notoriously avoided tasks around the home. Here's our list of the best deals and must-do tasks to get you sorted before June 30 rolls around (it's not far away so get acting!)


We all know that having health insurance can make it easier for people to a see a doctor, and with access to care, people can stay healthier. But socioeconomic inequalities in the United States affect access to healthcare, and thus treatment and patient outcomes as well.


China's debilitating smog problem isn't anything new at this point — at least for its residents. Tourists to Beijing, however, are still struggling with the fact that the sights they came for can often be virtually unseeable. To appease this growing group of angry travellers, China's biggest online travel agency now offers smog insurance.


Ever nervous about the looming threat of a devastating cyberattack, the US government is redoubling its efforts to get companies that operate critical infrastructure to buy into its cybersecurity plan. It's so committed, it may even make sure participants get reimbursed...if they get attacked.


If you're making an investment in an Apple product, whether it's a new machine or a permanently on-sale refurb, you want to protect it. At the same time, spending a few hundred more on AppleCare hurts when you're already dropping a couple grand on a computer. You get a year of AppleCare as part of any purchase — but do you need to pay for more time under Apple's guaranteed protection? The truth is, it depends on what you're buying to begin with.


Like life insurance, most people aren't keen to talk about what should happen to their digital selves after they die. Morbidity, the macabre, creepy—pick your poison. Nevertheless, there exist companies that deal with such things once you check out.


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How do you determine how well houses will withstand catastrophic weather? If you're the insurance industry, you spend $US40 million on a room that can simulate Category 3 cyclones. Then you huff and puff and you blow those suckers down.