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While the current BMW i8 is already both a looker and one of the more environmentally conscious supercars on our roads, the next iteration will likely be even more efficient. Reports from the UK say that the new i8 will have a topless roadster option, a more powerful electric motor and larger drive battery, and even the possibility of inductive wireless charging.


If you're fortunate enough to use one of the handful of smartphones that natively support the Qi wireless charging standard — or have even opted for a case that adds that functionality — MugenPower's now got a backup battery that lets you leave all your charging cables at home.


Microsoft is charging forward into a colourful new future, and it's dragging Nokia by the ears with it as a serious hardware partner for Windows Phone. The first Windows Phone 8 device on the market will be the Nokia Lumia 920. This is Nokia's coming out party, Microsoft's mobile mitzvah and Lumia's naming ceremony. With so much riding on it, does it match the hype?


Even though the companies involved have finally come together in a consortium and finalised a standard, wireless charging is still struggling to gain acceptance. But a new technology called adaptive resonance from Fulton Innovation promises to bridge the gaps between devices and make wireless charging pads less difficult to use.


Wireless inductive charging is awesome. You take your gadget, set it, forget it. It's like an infomercial. Know what's even better? When Powermat and Chevy join forces to integrate the technology in your car, where it's especially useful.