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iFixit has finished its teardown of Apple's new, high-priced iMac Pro, and while most of the results are typical for an Apple device, because the company rarely meets a component it can't solder to the motherboard, there are three noteworthy exceptions. The CPU, RAM, and SSD all appear to be user replaceable, provided you're ready to dig into the guts of your $7,299-plus machine. If that's true, it's a pretty big deal.

Back at WWDC 2017 in June, Apple teased us with the iMac Pro, its most powerful desktop yet. But for months, there was barely a peep about when it might available. Now we know it's definitely going to be available before the end of the year (unlike the HomePod), when it goes on sale later this week on Friday, December 15.

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When I was a lad, one of the big selling features when you bought a new PC was the ability to upgrade it. Add memory, plug in a second-hand drive and, if the budget allowed, swap out the processor. But over recent years, Apple has taken that ability away. Even RAM upgrades, which used to be easy, were made impossible as Apple's quest to make everything as thin as possible drove them to soldering everything in place. But iFixit has revealed in their teardown of the new 21.5-inch iMac that the memory and processor can both be upgraded.

Forget the HomePod or the latest version of iOS. The big news out of WWDC was related to something that Apple, and most consumers, don't really care about: Virtual Reality. In between Kaby Lake refreshes and Siri voice demos, Tim Cook announced a wide range of software and hardware changes that will finally bring VR to macOS, and that's pretty damn surprising because Tim Cook himself is on record as giving exactly zero damns about VR.