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The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or more simply IFA, started out as a showcase for new TV and radio technology and has debuted things such as the first cassette tape and first colour TV. And in the years since it began in 1926, it has grown into the largest tech exhibition in Europe. Now, we fast forward to today, where all the big players, including Samsung, Sony and Microsoft, show up to highlight their latest and greatest products... at least until CES in Las Vegas in January.

Despite attempts by companies like Apple and Fossil to improve their looks, no one really wears a smartwatch as a fashion accessory. Devotees of connected timepieces wear them as either a genuine devotion to fitness, or an unhealthy addiction to notifications. But Garmin's new vívomove HR looks like like a classic analogue watch, and only reveals its smarts when you want it to.

Affordability and Razer are not, typically, words that go together. The PC peripheral company has developed a reputation in the last few years for making sharp looking laptops that are ultra thin and ultra pricey for the guts inside of them. But the new 1080p Razer Blade Pro, at $US2300 ($2,893), is positively reasonable. No one else is making a giant laptop that is this thin and powerful at that price.

Long gone are the days when robot vacuums would simply bump their way around your home while they randomly cleaned. But even with upgraded smarts and better sensors, modern robovacs can still wander into places you don't want them, so Neato is introducing a potentially brilliant new feature letting you limit the travels of its newest robovac by drawing virtual boundary lines in an app.

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Note8, LG's own new V30 looks to be the strongest competition that Samsung has ever had. A massive 6-inch display, dual rear cameras -- including the brightest camera ever on a phone -- and some serious hi-res audio chops should make for one hell of a high-end Android phone.

Samsung's The Frame is a TV that's just as much a piece of art as it is a television. Switch it on and it's a 4K Ultra HD; switch it off and it'll display any of hundreds of pieces of art. And Samsung's just announced a smaller 43-inch version, that interests me a lot more than the existing 55-inch and 65-inch versions.

Stick vacuums are huge in Australia. And Dyson rules the roost, with its V6 and V8 handheld battery-powered vacuums far and away the most popular sales. But Samsung wants a piece of that action, and it now has the world's most powerful handstick in the POWERStick PRO -- Samsung's emphasis, not mine -- to do it with.