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At IFA 2014 in Berlin, Asus joined Motorola, Samsung and LG in launching an Android Wear smartwatch. Asus' first attempt is the ZenWatch, with a curved 1.6-inch OLED display, a beautiful leather strap and a few Asus bespoke apps for extra functionality over the bog-standard Android Wear on other devices.

Does a wristwatch have to be round? What advantage does it actually bestow over a square or rectangle or any other shape? LG's G Watch R improves in that sense from the original G Watch with a rounded OLED face, but it makes a number of compromises to get there. Despite those compromises, it's still probably the most well-rounded Android Wear smartwatch of the current lot.

Do you like big sound? Do you like giant headphones? Do you have a couple of thousand dollars to spare on the best home audio componentry that money can buy? The new MDR-Z7 is a $799.95 full-size pair of closed headphones, coming to Australia in November, that may well be the best listening experience that Sony has ever created.

Samsung's new 105-inch curved Ultra HD LED TV is coming to Australia. That's the big news from today's IFA 2014 press conference, where company big-wigs talked about Samsung's mission to make curved TVs the next big thing in households around the world. LG is on board as well, with its own line-up of curved TVs on show here in Berlin.

I've been putting off buying a PS4 for a while now. I have a powerful PC gaming rig (that barely gets used), and another even more powerful one in the final stages of building. So why am I going to treat myself more and buy a PlayStation 4 in a couple of weeks? Because I can totally see myself using PS4 Remote Play and one of Sony's new Z3 phones or tablets to play PS4 games around my house.

Now, I already had a vague inkling that Japan's most adventurous tech company would have some interesting announcements at IFA 2014. Sony has done the unthinkable, though -- shoe-horned a relatively massive APS-C imaging sensor into one of its cut-down lens cameras. No screen, just a few buttons -- just a whole bunch of pixels and Wi-Fi working their magic.

Last January, Toshiba introduced its first Chromebook, a 13.3-inch device that attempted to deliver Google's promise of productive computing on the cheap. But over the past nine months, ChromeOS has grown in popularity and as a platform in general, and Toshiba wants to grow with it.

With the launch of the new top of the line Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact, Sony has announced two giant-killer smartphones here in Berlin, and it's genuinely hard to pick which one is the more interesting of the two. Here are our first impressions of what both phones are actually like to use in real life.

"The time to demand great is coming." Sony's not just going for OK or good any more -- it wants to be the best. One hour from now, Sony will be kicking off its IFA 2014 press conference in Berlin, and we'll be on the ground reporting it live. If you're not in Berlin, but want to keep up, you can watch the live stream with us here.

"In search of incredible". That's the line Asus is pushing for all of its press conference events in 2014. We saw a pretty incredible showing of gear at Computex this year, but did the Taiwanese company pull another rabbit out of the hat at this year's IFA tech fair in Berlin? We live blogged its press event tonight, so get in here and find out!

Welcome to the first week of September, also known as crazy-insane IFA 2014 and iPhone event extravaganza. During the next 10 days we'll see new handsets, smartwatches, and other tech paraphernalia from almost every major hardware manufacturer. So now I'm wondering, where do smartphones even go from here?