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Iceland has a lot going for it. After struggling through its own 2008 financial meltdown (after which something was actually done about it), the island nation has returned to its pre-crisis level of function, due in large part to a recent tourism boom. It has some of the world’s most beloved hot dogs. Its youth hockey players are gracious in defeat. A surprisingly high number of your friends’ Instagram accounts feature snapshots of its natural beauty. Fjords!

Everyone wants to go to Iceland to get that perfect selfie for their dating profile and briefly feel what it's like to exist in an actual paradise. But last month, a man who is suspected in a heist of $2.7 million-worth of bitcoin mining gear only wanted to get out. After pulling off a daring prison break, however, he's again in police custody, and he'd like to go back to Iceland, please.

Either this man is really good at doing crimes or Iceland is really bad at security. Authorities say a man who is suspected of being the mastermind behind the theft of $3 million worth of bitcoin mining equipment has escaped the Icelandic prison where he was being held. What's more, he allegedly hopped a flight on the same plane as the Icelandic Prime Minister.

Up from 99.8 per cent last year, 100 per cent of Iceland's 331,778-strong population are now classified as internet users - someone who can access the internet "at home, via any device type and connection".

By comparison, Australia is sitting at 85.1 per cent, up from last year's 84.8 per cent.

Video: Seems like it's been a while since we checked up on our favourite scenic country via a sweeping nature video, so it's good to know that, yup, Iceland is still the most visually stunningly place on Earth. The drone footage comes from the Highlands of Iceland, which are in the centre of the beautiful island, and feature a wonderful array of colours and landscapes.

Iceland, land of elves and shark meat delicacies, is proving to be far more inventive than the rest of us when it comes to new energy technologies. Having already tamed its shallow geothermal resources, the chilly island nation is now trying to tap into the power of magma.

Man, this is just so fun to watch. The beautiful alien world that is Iceland is always so picturesque but it's even better when seen from up close, like from the perspective of Klemen Premrl and his crew of climbers ice picking their way up to the top of an ice structure. The crystal glow of the ice cave, the shocking crevasses, the wildling-like climb of an ice wall -- it's just awesome everywhere.

It looks like a giant fire scaled dragon snaking its body across the scorched Earth. Or like the fire brick road that leads you into Mordor. Any way my imagination tries to spin it, the reality is that it looks awesome. And the reality is that it's drone footage from Iceland of flowing lava from a volcano that exploded.