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It's been hard to ignore the ominous game of nuclear chicken currently ongoing between the totalitarian government of North Korea, which successfully tested an upgraded intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday morning local time, and the US, which is currently led by a belligerent lightweight with an extremely limited understanding of nuclear strategy. That goes double for the US state of Hawaii, one of the easier potential targets in a doomsday scenario, and which has begun renewed tests of its nuclear early-warning system.

In the last few months, North Korea's ability to launch a warhead beyond its backyard has improved exponentially. Its rapid development of intercontinental ballistic missile tech has left many confused. Now a researcher at the International Institute for Strategic Studies claims he might have solved the mystery. North Korea may have received its new souped up ICBM tech from a factory in the Ukraine, and it probably did so very illegally.

North Korea says it has successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The country voted most likely to start WWIII says it can now strike targets anywhere in the world, but military experts believe the missile, which flew for 40 minutes, is a medium range weapon that presents no threat to the United States.