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If you're not a fan of American football — and let's be honest, it's a little bit weird and confusing — you can just watch the good bits: here's every Superbowl 2017 commercial, including the first ever from an Australian company.


Starting today, you'll be able to test the first wave of truly connected cars. Android Auto is now available on its first integrated vehicle, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. As you head to your local dealership to test drive it, you can practice talking to your car on the way: "OK, Google..."


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. — of South Korea — is one of the largest ship manufacturers in the world. Along with Samsung, they build the largest ships in the world too. It just seems amazing to me humans can build vehicles at this scale. Imagine when we start building interstellar ships in space.


Hyundai wants to know how you and your mates seek out adventure. Where would you drive? What would you do? How would you share your trip with your world? Up for grabs: 10 brilliant road trip prize packs and the chance to win a new Hyundai of your choice!


If you've ever watched an episode of The Walking Dead, you'll know that the mint green Hyundai Tuscon is the soft-roader of choice for outrunning the undead. Hyundai has now taken its product responsibilities one step further, working with Robert Kirkman to design a new "zombie-proof" Elantra Coupé to celebrate the comic's 100th issue.


When you think about it, the design for the humble automobile hasn't changed much over the past few decades. Sure, you have different classes of cars, but they all conform to a fairly standard formula. The three door Hyundai Veloster is a bit different, a coupe/hatchback design with a single rear door on one side.