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My tiny hands remember the original, enormous Xbox controller with fondness. Not because it was ergonomic or a joy to use, but in the same way I remember other absurd and outdated technology -- with absolute amusement. The original Xbox controller was a beast, and the tweaked and high tech $130 Duke from Hyperkin, that works with both PCs and the Xbox One, borrows that same portly profile to create one of the biggest and most ridiculous controllers out there.

E3 is here and that means it's wild gaming gear time! From Microsoft's latest Xbox to a tiny Atari 2600, here's the coolest stuff we saw this week.

It's a dangerously day to be teasing awesome retro novelty products, but Hyperkin is at it anyway. The company just announced that the SmartBoy design concept it posted on Reddit -- a special iPhone case that lets you play real, physical GameBoy cartridges on your smartphone -- is for real. I'm so happy this isn't an April Fools' joke.