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When you’re taking a photo with your camera, you can’t always guarantee you’ll hit the shutter button at just the right time. This happens most often with group photos -- with so many faces to look at, there’s a chance you’ll end up with one or more closed eyes, odd expressions or other problems with your photo. The HTC One and new HTC One mini solve these problems by making it easy to take group photos.

There are a whole swathe of phones available to buy today, but some stand out from the pack thanks to their design and build quality. Which do you think win on style points alone? Here are five of our favourites to start the conversation.

Having a good set of speakers on your smartphone is important. You don’t want to be that person who blares their obnoxious music at full volume on a crowded train, but you do want to be able to hear a hands-free call clearly. Your phone’s speakers also come in handy when you’re showing a couple of friends a YouTube video, or if you want a bit of ambience in the pub’s beer garden.

If you’re carrying your phone with you all day, chances are a time will come when you'll want to take photos. Whether it’s for documenting your daily activities, taking gratuitous Instagram selfies, or just capturing a nice sunset, you want your phone to take the best photos possible.

Your phone is the one piece of technology that you always carry with you. It’s also your music player and your video viewer, but you don’t always have headphones or a portable speaker handy. That’s why it makes sense to pick the phone that has the best sound built in -- and that’s the HTC One and new HTC One mini.

If you walk into the store today to buy a smartphone, you’ll be assaulted with a barrage of different models, with wildly varying specifications and designs. If you want to know which phone is best for you, a good place to start is by picking the right screen size. Your smartphone screen is your main point of contact with it, so it makes sense to give it some serious thought.

Every day, there’s a lot happening on your smartphone. News stories, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, and other updates can flash past at lightning speed. It can be impossible to keep up. Blinkfeed on the HTC One and the upcoming HTC One Mini takes care of that. It’s a hub for all your social media accounts, and brings together news feeds from over a thousand websites, giving you the latest news and newest updates all in one place.