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When your office is completely digital, you don't need to be in the office at all to get things done. I'm lucky enough that my job can be done almost exactly the same if I telecommute from the comfort of my bed or my home office -- with no fancy videoconferencing or always-on audio chat applications required, just the same online tools that I always use. All I need is a half-decent internet connection, and I'm set. Getting that reliable, fast internet is another question entirely, though.

My job lives entirely online. Everything I do eventually ends up on this website. But it's not that simple -- behind the scenes, there's a lot going on that has to run smoothly and work correctly to make my job easy and streamlined. At the very least, I need a fast 'net connection, and I need it to work all the time. Fast, reliable 4G has changed the way that I work, including in the way that I collaborate with my team, and the way that we run our business through the 'net.