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Mobile broadband is a traveller’s best friend, but is it better packaged as a hotspot, a dongle or something else entirely? Gizmodo and Lifehacker debate the issues.


While most geeks just use the portable hotspot element of their phone to share an internet connection, sometimes a dedicated device is the better option. Telstra has just announced its new player, an HSPA+ device capable of delivering up to 20Mbps theoretical download speeds to up to five devices.


Want to open up your Wi-Fi network to easier access for visitors, block the web's nasty stuff from young eyes, and maybe regain some bandwidth, too? Go ahead and unleash your inner coffee shop owner. With free software and no extra hardware, you can manage content and bandwidth on your home network, or even manage a semi-public "hotspot", without feeling like a despot.


Until now, all of Verizon's 4G has been packed inside dongles. Samsung and Novatel's LTE hotspots will let you spread the 4G around with Wi-Fi. Slightly thicker than the old MiFi, but you need the space for all them Gees.