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When you move into a place with a yard that isn't mowed for you, lawn mowers become a sort of passive enemy. They sit there, reminding you that when the grass starts growing, you'll have to spend important hours of your life cutting it regularly because we've decided as a society that manicured yards are superior.

The mere boundaries of water shall not deter the wild Canadian boating hoser from exploring new ground. Hinder him not with your puny forest service roads! Our intrepid hoser will find a way, eh.

The Dodge Viper is one of the last truly intimidating cars, with a ludicrously powerful V10 up front and no mercy given to the nut behind the wheel. Running it on a nice, safe track with ample runoff is crazy enough, but Whitehot Motorsport made their Viper into a rally car and took it on the Targa Tasmania.