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Video: In Hungary there is a sweet Hungarian truffle that supposedly tastes like honey. I can't even begin to imagine how fantastic that is because truffles are already "the diamonds of the kitchen" and honey very well might be nature's greatest creation, so combining both in one is practically unfair. The truffle is used in dessert because of its sweetness but our friend Malackaraj shows us how to use it elsewhere.


Trying to count the bees buzzing about in a hive is like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach. But if you're worried the deadly virus that has been decimating beehives might be jeopardising your source of fresh honey, check out this honey bee counter that tracks the comings and goings of your hive's population.


The saying "you are what you eat" applies to bees too. The type of nectar they consume to create honey has a lasting chemical effect on the resulting sweet stuff. And, if the bees employ nectar from the toxic Rhododendron flower, guess what? You get toxic "Mad Honey".


Urban beekeeping is reemerging as a popular pastime for city-dwellers, but a stack of conventional hive boxes won't generally fit in a third-storey apartment. Philips' new urban beehive concept, however, aims to bring a colony to every balcony in your town.