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Every neighbourhood has a story of some abandoned lot somewhere full of late 60's to early 70's American muscle cars, just waiting to be discovered, or they have heard of a warehouse stocked with Italian sports cars ready to be restored. That's not really the case with my neighbourhood's abandoned lot. Its inventory is much humbler but I believe it's equally as interesting.

Feast your eyes on this. The new Honda Civic Type R -- prototype -- has broken cover at the Paris Auto Show, and it looks incredible. With the most aggressive, balls-to-the-wall body kit that we've seen on a road-going car for a long time, the Type R looks like a true spiritual successor to the Type Rs of yore -- DC2R Integras and EP3 Civics that could drive to work and back during the week and then carve up the track on the weekend. This is just a prototype, but here's hoping it transforms into a production car we'll be able to buy in Australia.