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Having guests over for NYE? Sushi can be a great option, but the act of making rolls is far more art than science. And for many newbie sushi chefs it can be an infuriatingly difficult skill to even learn, much less master. But with these helpful sushi-assembling assistants, you'll be rolling like Jiro-sama in no time.


I have had it with bloody mosquitoes at outdoor dinner parties. To prevent the little blood suckers from ruining the your summer, drastic measures are necessary. Here are some of the most effective (or, at least, most satisfying) methods for your upcoming insect genocide.


They wash your dishes, your car, even your back. Sponges are a ubiquitous tool of the modern world — and have been since the earliest days of mediterranean culture — but how much do you really know about the absorbent little helper riding your kitchen sink's rim?


Tomorrow's barbecue is going to be epic, with snags, steaks and burgers for the ages. But first you'll need to make sure your BBQ is up to the task. Here's how to turn your fire pit up to 11 in time for the most 'Strayan day of the year.


The season for backyard barbecues and pool parties is upon us! But with the summer sun us Aussies on Boxing Day, who wants to crowd their ears into a pair of headphones or jam silicone buds down their ear canals? Instead, here are four easy ways to bring your playlist poolside.


This summer is a hot one. With money tight and temperatures high, there's a temptation to test out unconventional ways to beat the the heat. But these odd home remedies can end up wasting energy and costing more money. Here's how to know what really works when you want to keep cool for cheap.


Winter is right around the corner and, for a lot of us, that means BBQs are reserved for only the odd weekend when the weather warms up enough. Rather than get one of those schlocky extendable awnings they sell on late-night TV, shelter your guests in a stylish sphere.


Just because you're six stories up and the closest thing to a balcony you've got is the fire escape, doesn't mean you can't have yourself a kick-ass herb garden. The Volet Végétal concept could give even the densest city dwellers access to a little greenery.


The exhaust fan — that rattling, dusty vent hanging above the toilet — is the single most important gadget for the health of a bathroom. It eliminates the steam from a hot shower, helping battle the mould and mildew constantly threatening a bathroom's finishes. The device also helps fix more immediate air quality issues — they'd never say it in front of a client, but in the salty slang of a plumbing supply house, pros refer to it as a fart fan.


Seems like every time the temperature in the San Francisco Bay Area dips enough to actually warrant building a fire, the Air District will declare a Spare the Air Day, making wood-burning illegal. This wall-mounted fireplace from Pureflame could be the answer — not only does it run on soot-free ethanol, I can hang it anywhere in my house.


You haven't cleaned the litterbox in what, two weeks now? It's all well and good that you've acclimated to the overwhelming stench of ammonia and kitty poop but what about when guests come over? With some minor mods and a little electrical engineering, you can keep your home from smelling of feline by-products without actually having to be a responsible pet owner and clean up!