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Everyone wants a pool in their backyard until they realise they never actually swim in it. Those neglected pools become nothing more than holes in the ground filled with cloudy water that act as mosquito magnets. Not this pool though. This outdoor pool is magic. The floors sinks into the ground and it fills itself up with water.


It's your Festivus party; you should be out there schmoozing with guests, not stuck in the kitchen pouring drinks. With these mechanical mixologists at your side, you'll be able to pour a professional cocktail and still have time to be the life of the party.


Whether you're remodelling your kitchen or just fixing a leaky tap, keeping up with your house's basic maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. And with these helpful mobile apps in your tool-belt, you'll be able to tackle virtually any project without having to get your contractor's licence.


You want a jack-o-lantern that looks like it was carved by a six-year-old, by all means stick with the spoon and kitchen knife combo that you've been using since you were a kid. But if you want a jack-o-lantern that will terrify the neighbours until mid-November, you're going to need a better tool set.


Unless you're some sort for Ginsu master, capable of slicing, dicing and jullienning an entire meal together with a single blade, food prep is a whole lot easier when you use the right knife. Here are the five most essential, versatile cutting implements in a cook's arsenal.


Whaddya mean you didn't chow down on cicada during this year's mass emergence? You'd be surprised how delicious those little creepy crawlies are with a bit of salt and vinegar. Besides, if you had, you'd have gotten a head start on our inevitable bug-eating future.