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Oh. My. God. Look at it. Just look at it. Who knew that Jaguar could make something so incredible looking on the outside while making something that's twice as exciting on the inside: a hybrid supercar with next-generation technology designed to affix your jaw to the floor. When automakers get together to celebrate an anniversary, they don't muck about.


Confession time: I have never been the biggest fan of Holden, Ford or any other car that competes in a V8 supercar race. That sort of thing is all just a bit brash for my tastes. It may also surprise you to learn that I am no big fan of traditional electric cars, either. Spending $50,000 on a battery-powered hatchback with a range of 60km never sounded like much of a deal to me. Over the last week, however, I have had my mind well and truly changed, both about Holdens and about electric cars too for that matter. Turns out, you can buy an electric car in Australia that is both fun to drive, energy efficient and stylish as hell. Meet the 2012 Holden Volt.


The Holden Volt goes on sale in a couple of weeks here in Australia. The pre-order list is already longer than Santa's naughty list (which I'm still trying to get myself off), but the person at the top of it still won't be the first one in Australia to score one of the sexy new cars. You'll never guess who it is...


As a self-professed petrol-head I find it hard to come around to the idea of an electric car. I've heard all the lines: electric just isn't as fast, nor as spirited, nor as cheap, nor as fun as a petrol equivalent could ever be. Today, I found compelling evidence to prove these headlines wrong, and it's called the Holden Volt.