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At the moment, there's a huge opportunity for small, independent developers to make their millions by making applications for smartphones. So if you can handle a bit of code, this is how you get started for each of the main smartphone platforms.


HTC’s Sense is a breath of fresh air to Windows Mobile handsets, bringing a whole new level of usability to the platform. But at the same time, it’s pretty rigid, especially the implementation of Telstra’s BigPond services, three of which can't be removed from the Today screen. If you want to get back to the core OS, back to Winmo, here’s how.


I’ve been playing with the HTC HD2 for the past couple of weeks and one of the most striking aspects of the Windows Phone is just how much it reminds me of the iPhone. From the capacitive touchscreen to the Sense UI, it just seems more iPhone than any other non-Apple handset I’ve played with, including HTC’s excellent Android phones.


Kickstands are enjoying something of a renaissance lately as tablets have jumped to the forefront of everyone's attention, so it's only natural that the HD2, the most tabletesque of smartphones, is getting a combination kickstand/battery pack of its own.


Not sure about specific details yet, but just received an invite to the launch of the HTC HD2 Winmo handset. Hosting the event are Peter Jamieson and Ross Fielding from Telstra, alongside HTC's Anthony Petts, which kind of screams out that the phone will launch on Next G.


If you were curious about what's going on behind the HD2's big and beautiful 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, wonder no more. These gadget porn pics don't reveal any real surprises, but it's interesting to see the beast from the inside.